33.333% (16 April–22 April)

This week was the first third of my final three weeks in undergrad. Terrifying? Exciting? Awesome? All of the above? We’ve got one final project to complete, and it’s centered around machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the idea of computer awareness. I’ve had a lot of trouble choosing a direction for it, but I’m going to have to start at some point. I finished my source review essay on Saturday, which means that I’m essentially done with the rest of the work that I had to finish in order to graduate. I’ve been prioritizing spending time with my friends here and making sure that I make the most of my last few weeks in Scotland. It’s incredible crazy to me that my time here is almost done—rereading some of my old blog posts from when I first got here is heavily indicative to me of just how much I’ve learned and grown. I’m sad to be leaving the people I’ve become close with here, but excited to return to those that I’m close to back home. That’s pretty much to be expected, I’d say. I feel as though this year has tempered me and strengthened me in ways that I wasn’t aware of. The final two weeks of school begin tomorrow—here goes nothing.

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